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    The overall objective of this Fast-Track-to-Innovation (FTI) project is to build the first industrial NEOSUCCESS unit with a throughput of at least 12,000 Nm3 of biomethane/year and 47,000 kg of bioSA/year, and prove it in an operation environment (IVEM’s wastewater treatment plant) to reach the market readiness (TRL 9) by the end of the project, along with the creation of a potential client’s network to assure a smooth market uptake. To this end, the following specific objectives will be pursued.

    Technical objectives

    O1. To scale-up and construct the first industrial NEOSUCCESS unit

    The project aims at reaching the market readiness (TRL 9) through technology upscaling by means of a plug-and-play solution.

    O2. To validate the NEOSUCCESS unit in an operation environment

    Validation of the containerized technology will be carried out in an industrial environment at IVEM’s facilities to confirm its production capacities for both biomethane and bioSA.

    O3. To improve conventional bioSA downstreaming processes (DSP)

    The expertise of partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills will enable the development of a cost-effective DSP process leading to the minimum purity of bioSA of 80%.

    O4. To acquire the EC Standardisation Certifications

    Market launch of NEOSUCCESS technology in the target countries will require the obtainment of Certifications for the CE marking.

    Commercial objectives

    O5. To end up with a Joint Exploitation Agreement

    This agreement will be and important prerequisite to articulate the commercial exploitation of NEOSUCCESS by consortium partners.

    O6. To develop a meaningful business plan

    Investment parameters, marketing and commercialization plan among others will be updated within the current business plan of this FTI project.

    O7. To build a clients’ network with the targeted clients

    Successful market uptake of NEOSUCCESS technology will require clients’ engagement, which will be partially fulfilled with demonstration sessions at the industrial site.

    O8. To gain market visibility and boost the commercialization of the unit

    Market visibility among clients will be ensure through communication and dissemination activities.

    International collaboration

    Collaboration with different organizations, universities and R&D centers of Spain, Denmark and Greece.

    The NEOSUCCESS project integrates the expertise of partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills to fulfil the overall objective of the project.

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