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    UpStream unit is starting-up!

    By Enrique L Mozos 3 años ago
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    The Up Stream Process (USP) sub-unit is now completed and starting-up!

    After months of hard work, the USP installation is very close to start working. IVEM is now testing the sub-unit to make sure there are no faults and iron it out. That means making sure that valves open and close properly, looking for leackages in the system and fixing them, testing the pumps, verifying that the sensors work, checking the control system (SCADA), etc. Once it has being refined, IVEM plans to run some preliminary tests in order to get familiar with the sub-unit before the official 20 batches.

    Video: Checking water access valves and deposit level sensors in the Nutrients Tank.

    In the meantime, Down Stream Process (DSP) is in a good path. In fact, the installer has been visiting today the facilities to get a better picture of the area and to coordinate with the USP on some topics.

    It will not be long before we announce the first tests!

    Stay tuned!

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