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    Partners of the consortium

    The NEOSUCCESS project integrates the expertise of partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills to fulfil the overall objective of the project.


    IVEM (Ingeniería Verificaciones Electromecánicas y Mantenimientos, S.L.)
    Project Coordinator
    Country: Spain

    IVEM is an engineering company founded in 2003 completely consolidated in the wastewater treatment and water distribution sector, as well as in the renewable and alternative energies sector. At present, IVEM is running as exploiter severals wastewater treatment plants with a total design flow of 52 Hm3 per year. One of this plants is located in Paterna and counts with a design flow of 32.000 m3/day, and an anaerobic digester with cogeneration of 325 kW for self-consumption.

    The activities of IVEM are focused on the development of electric and mechanical projects, automation of installations, control and supervision systems, water treatment and industrial safety. IVEM’s headquarters are located in an industrial building of 450 m2 of workshop and 150 m2 of office in Sollana, Valencia (ES).

    Country: Spain

    Norvento Enerxía is a group of companies specialized in advanced energy engineering that implements renewable generation, storage and electrical management systems for clients worldwide. Moreover, it is devoted to the promotion, construction, and operation of renewable energy power plants (mini-hydro plants, wind farms, grid solar systems, and biogas plants). The group is strategically committed to research, technological development and innovation so it allocates significant resources to numerous R&D renewable energy projects such as to the deployment of wave energy devices, different bioenergy studies, research of geothermal resource or design and development of medium-scale wind turbines. Within the anaerobic digestion field, Norvento has developed and operated small-range biogas plants (50kWel and 100kWel, treatment capacity: 3,000 and 5,000 tons of raw materials a year, respectively) for self-consumption since 2010 and has participated and led several R&D projects related to the study of co-substrates, the improvement of the geometry of the digesters or the obtainment of added-value products (i.e. bio-plastics) from the digestion process. In the last decade, the firm has been involved in an ambitious strategic international expansion plan and now is present in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Chile, Poland, Italy and the UK.

    Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
    Country: Denmark

    DTU is an RTD institution with the vision of developing and creating value using natural sciences and technical sciences to benefit society. DTU has an excellent infrastructure and human resources, so as it ranks as one of the best European universities and among the best 100 universities all over the world, according to the recent CWTS Leiden Ranking.
    The staff members undertaking the proposed project are affiliated in the Bioenergy Research Group (BRG) at the Dept. of Environmental Engineering. The BRG group consists of approx. 30 scientific staff members (faculty, senior researchers, post-doctoral fellows, visiting researchers and PhD students) and technical/administrative personnel. The key area of expertise of BRG is industrial biotechnology with focus in bioenergy technologies, which includes biogas, bioethanol, biohydrogen, microbial fuel cells, biohexanol, biodiesel as well as production of biochemical such succinic acid, anticancer materials, alginates, etc. within a biorefinery approach. Its research activities cover from fundamental (e.g. metabolic pathways, microbial ecology, microbial isolations and characterization of microbes) to more applied aspects (e.g. process monitoring, process scale up, mathematical modelling, bioreactor design, optimization and control of the bioenergy production processes). The BRG staff has a wide experience coordinating EU and national projects and is recognized as one of the best research groups worldwide in the anaerobic digestion field with approximately 30 publications in ISI journals per year.

    Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis (AUTH)
    Country: Greece

    AUTH is the largest academic and research centre in Greece, with more than 70,000 students and covering a very large number of scientific disciplines. AUTH has been involved both as coordinator and as participant in approximately 148 projects under the FP7 and 65 projects under the HORIZON2020. According to the notorious Shanghai list, AUTH was ranked in 2014 in the field of Engineering/Technology and Computer Science (ENG) among the 500 best Technical Universities all over the world.
    The Laboratory of Agricultural Structures & Equipment (ASE) which is involved as partner in the present proposal belongs to the Department of Hydraulics, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering and consists of 3 senior academic scientists, 3 post-doc and 5 PhD students. ASE conducts basic and applied research in the fields of energy systems and technology in agricultural structures, waste management, methane, and hydrogen production from different feedstock with a long record of research activities, both at national and international level. Research work on methane production by this group focuses on process monitoring and optimization as well as on control and design of anaerobic reactors.

    Third parties:

    Country: Spain

    AINIA is a technological center created in 1987, established as a non-profit private association, and mainly focused in the food sector. With 30 years of experience, they are a key strategical partner to boost the competitiveness of companies through innovation. Accredited with the number 3 in the Register of Centers of Innovation and Technology of Spain, AINIA has a clear global vocation oriented to give an effective answer to the business needs.
    The Department of Biotechnology of AINIA, which has tight relationships with agri-food and biogas clients, works in the development of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly bioprocesses, both aerobic and anaerobic, devoted to valorise wastes to bio-based products within a biorefinery approach. AINIA develops R&D projects and technical assistance in these lines of work, developing and adapting the most-advanced technologies. AINIA counts on specialised laboratories and pilot plants of anaerobic digestion, industrial biotechnology and biorefineries to carry out its committed tasks within the project.

    Country: Denmark

    BIOTECHPRO ApS is an R&D intensive SME, emerging company which possesses in its portfolio the know-how of novel green technologies such as NEOSUCCESS technology, as it has been founded by NEOSUCCESS inventors. BIOTECHPRO ApS was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen (Denmark), with the vision of developing and implementing new process technologies for carbon dioxide fixation, producing green chemicals and energy carriers within the frame of circular economy. The management team comprises professionals with appropriate qualifications, solid experience, and complementary skills. The CFO, Lars Ellegard, possesses more than 35 years of expertise on designing biogas and power generation plants worldwide. BIOTECHPRO and its team is involved in several national and European projects providing engineering, design and technical consultancy according to the circular economy principle.

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    NEOSUCCESS project aims to build the first plug-and-play industrial solution integrating complementarily two complex processes, which are biogas upgrading into biomethane and fermentation-based biosuccinic acid production, thus obtaining two bio-based valuable resources for the industry.

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