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    By Enrique L Mozos 8 meses ago
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    Training videos uploaded on YouTube

    During the last few months, DTU and AUTH have been working on two training videos. With these videos we intend to show the public the main features and potential benefits of the NEOSUCCESS technology, and explain technical and operational aspects of the technology.  By recording the training videos in our pilot plant, located at the WWTP of Paterna, it is possible to follow more closely the explanation of each equipment that makes up the process.

    Our partners Antonio Grimalt and Antonios Lithourgidis divide the explanation of the Neosuccess process in a first video dedicated exclusively to the UpStream Process (USP) and a second one for the DownStream Process (DSP). In the USP, from biogas and sugar residues we obtain biomethane and a fermentation broth with high BioSuccinic Acid concentration. On the other hand, in the DSP, from the USP fermentation broth we obtain the expected crystals of BioSuccinic Acid.

    You can click on the links below to have a look at the videos!!!

    Screenshot of the first training video (UpStream)

    Screenshot of the second training video (DownStream)

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