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    NEOSUCCESS project aims to build the first plug-and-play industrial solution integrating complementarily two complex processes, which are biogas upgrading into biomethane and fermentation-based biosuccinic acid production, thus obtaining two bio-based valuable resources for the industry.
    The basis of this breakthrough and patented technology relies on the use of a bacterial strain with the ability to fix the CO2 contained in the biogas (thus upgrading it to biomethane) and metabolize the sugars present in organic wastes of different typology to produce second-generation succinic acid (SA) as part of a mixed-acid fermentation in this secure and clean-energy biological process.

    Scale and figures of the first industrial NEOSUCCESS unit

    NEOSUCCESS technology comprises a first-of-a-kind solution for biogas industries that fits perfectly the operational workflow of these plants and covers their needs, which are connected to the growing demand for bio-based products, energy and/or fuels with low carbon footprint. Thus, innovative solution fosters the transition towards a bio-based economy, aligned with the recent Circular Bioeconomy Strategy of the EU. Due to its dimensions, NEOSUCCESS technology will be containerized, thus exhibiting versatile production capacities ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 Nm3/year of biomethane and 35 to 350 t/year of bioSA. The technology is already sufficiently mature though will be subjected to a last fine-tuning step along this Fast-Track-to-Innovation project to reach the market and comply with purity requirements. In this regard, minimum purities of 95% and 80% will be reached for biomethane and bioSA, respectively.

    Compared to the traditional chemical and petroleum-based solutions implemented to date to industrially produce both biomethane and SA, the technology here proposed exhibits several advantages that boost its market launch, such as:


    Since it creates added-value products (i.e. second-generation bioSA) using sugar-rich waste streams available on-site


    Since operation costs can be reduced up to 10-50% for the generation of the targeted bio-products at comparable qualities

    Environmentally friendly

    Since it addresses climate actions through CO2 recycling by bacterial fixation (0.4 kg CO2 per kg SA produced)

    Security and clean-energy nature

    Since it based on the use of a pure bacterial strain with extensive application in biotechnology

    International collaboration

    Collaboration with different organizations, universities and R&D centers of Spain, Denmark and Greece.

    The NEOSUCCESS project integrates the expertise of partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills to fulfil the overall objective of the project.


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