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    The overall structure of NEOSUCCESS project is designed to bring the technology at TRL 9. The work has been divided into six work packages (WPs), which are logical and facilitate in a systematic way the execution of the activities. The work plan and the interrelation of the WPs are summarized below.

    WP1. Project management and coordination
    This WP is set to efficiently coordinate and monitor NEOSUCCESS project, thus comprising the assurance of tasks completion within the project time frame, the development of consortium management activities, and the coordination and communication among all parties (including the EC).

    WP2. Design and construction of the industrial unit
    WP2 comprises the detailed engineering – including not only mechanical and process issues, but also a process hazard analysis and the identification of system level safety controls, construction and testing of the industrial NEOSUCCESS unit to be further validated.

    WP3. Industrial unit validation in wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
    The goal of this WP is to validate the industrial unit on-site at coordinator’s WWTP facilities in order to prove its response under real conditions (real biogas and agri-food waste streams) and its capacity to produce the targeted bio-based products at the minimum purities established.

    WP4. Optimisation of operating parameters
    WP4 includes process optimization and the resolve of upscaling challenges of the industrial unit through ongoing retrofit of R&D activities carried out at lab-scale. The goal is then to improve the bioconversion efficiency of the organic substances contained in real industrial feedstocks by addressing the most important challenges regarding microorganism activity, pre-fermentation and fermentation conditions and efficient integration of upstreaming and downstreaming processes.

    WP5. Exploitation, IPR and Standardization
    This WP aims at managing efficiently all knowledge-related issues and reach a Joint Exploitation Agreement among the partners involved, thus paving the way for commercial exploitation, industrial production and distribution of the NEOSUCCESS unit and complying with its regulatory requirements for commercialization.

    WP6. Dissemination & Communication
    This WP is set to ensure the development and realisation of dissemination, communication, and measures within the project – including demonstration, promotional and training activities of the NEOSUCCESS technology – to raise awareness and ensure its market entrance.

    International collaboration

    Collaboration with different organizations, universities and R&D centers of Spain, Denmark and Greece.

    The NEOSUCCESS project integrates the expertise of partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills to fulfil the overall objective of the project.

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