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    Aligned with the Circular Bioeconomy Strategy of the EU, and with the aim at creating new value chains in the industrial site of WWT and biogas plants, the following results are expected in the NEOSUCCESS project.

    R1. Industrial prototype. A plug-and-play versatile solution for NEOSUCCESS technology will be designed, with a throughput of 12,000 Nm3 of Biomethane/year and 47,000 kg of bioSA/year (80% purity). The technology will be containerized, which means that it will be ready to be coupled in the client’s plan upon delivery, and easily integrated into the production line.

    R2. New biotechnological process launched onto the market. This industrial unit will reach market take-up (TRL 9) and offers an innovative solution integrating biogas upgrading and SA production mediated by a bacterial fermentation, which provides a greater return on infrastructures to existing biogas plants.

    R3. New bio-based product within a biorefinery concept. NEOSUCCESS technology has the objective to develop the first second-generation bioSA, since up to date bio-based production processes represent a small share of global SA production, and rely on the use of crops as raw material and thus competeand thus produce first-generation bioSA.

    R4. Efficiency and sustainability. The first-of-its-kind technology here proposed makes an efficient use of carbohydrates from waste streams and CO2 from biogas to produce two valuable bio-products, thus resulting in a significant reduction of the production costs (10% and 50% compared to existing bio-based SA and biogas upgrading technologies, respectively) and the carbon footprint (CO2 emission savings of at least 0.4 kg/kg bioSA).

    International collaboration

    Collaboration with different organizations, universities and R&D centers of Spain, Denmark and Greece.

    The NEOSUCCESS project integrates the expertise of partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills to fulfil the overall objective of the project.

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