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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Closing the 2nd year!

    NEOSUCCESS makes two years already! The consortium has closed the Project’s 2nd Reporting Period and is now preparing all the documentation and reports related to all that has been done during these 12 months…which has been a lot! NEOSUCCESS has managed to finish the design, installation and

    NEOSUCCESS consortium launches its second Press Release!

    As part of the D&C plan, the a new Press Release has been carefully prepared by NEOSUCCESS partners after this second year of project execution. The document is available in Spanish, Greek, Danish and English, according to the DoA. Here below you will find the English version, though you can

    Pilot-scale trials completed!

    The time has come! We have the know-how and the experience to perform the upscaling of the BioSuccinic Acid (BSA) production after completing the test trials in DTU’s facilities. Several overcoming challenges and practical problems that arose during a pilot scale application of the process were

    Alternative strains adaptation

    DTU team is working on the microbial adaptation of the strains Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z and Basfia succiniciproducens (by evolutionary adaptation procedure) to IVEM´s sugar-rich side streams. This will allow having more robust and resilient strains and, hence, a better performance on the

    DownStream is ready to work!

    In the past months the Downstream Industrial sub-unit construction took place at the installer’s workshop.  After completing adjustment of unit’s different equipment and components, it was successfully placed in Paterna WWTP in March! In April, the installation was successfully completed, and

    Work on deliverables continues

    Having completed D5.2 (Freedom to Operate) Report in September 2021, BiotechPro – Danish subcontractor to the NEOSUCCESS Consortium conducting an EU Horizon 2020 project, has together with AINIA(Spanish subcontractor) completed an initial Market Analysis and issued the D5.3 (Market Analysis)

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