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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Non-stop dissemination!

    Figure 1. Presentation dissemination of NEOSUCCESS project at HEPTA Summer School 2023. AUTH participated last week in the “HEPTA Summer School 2023: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)”, where a presentation took place including the

    Final DSP Batch

    BioSuccinic Acid resulting powder This week our colleagues have coordinated to carry out the last DownStream (DSP) batch. This time a real fermentation broth from the pilot scale tests was sent to the industrial scale DSP sub-unit in order to purify the broth, eliminating all non-desired components

    Mutant strains

    Figure 1. Workflow for isolation and validation of evolved succinic-acid-producing strains. DTU is currently preparing the pipeline for genomic profiling of the mutant ALE (Adaptive laboratory Evolution) strains with superior tolerance to high substrate concentrations. A second ALE protocol to

    Industrial unit Operation and Dissemination

    AUTH and other partners visited the industrial unit on May for a 2nd time to continue the optimization and configuration of the unit. Specifically, another UpStream fermentation was conducted, and DownStream trials were also performed with different configurations to conclude the “fine-tuning”

    Meeting of the Project partners

    On May 11, all project partners met at the WWTP in Paterna, Valencia, where the Neosuccess industrial unit is located. Videos were recorded during their visit for the Training Activities that will be launched soon. Stay tuned for more information! Taking advantage of the presence of all the

    Carrying out purification of Succinic

    These last weeks, IVEM has been carrying out some batches for the DownStream process, trying out its performance in the purification of a broth containing succinic acid. The aim is to eliminate all impurities from a broth containing succinic acid, as well as other compounds, such as formic, sugar

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