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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    ALEs finished

    As mentioned in previous posts, Adaptive Laboratory Evolution was used to generate superior strains of Actinobacillus succinogenes and Basfia succiniproducens in terms of tolerance to high sugar concentration. In the past months, we isolated over 80 evolved ALE strains. Now, the screening of the

    Analysing the process and the unit

    Last week IVEM, together with DTU and AUTH, operated the 6th batch in the industrial unit, paying attention to every detail and analysing all aspects of the process and the unit. Our colleagues, Antonio from DTU and Antonios from AUTH, travelled to Spain for the whole week in order to visit the

    New year, new goals!

    Progress is ongoing regarding project’s Deliverables (D3.3 Downstream processing: strategy, technology, cost analysis, D4.3 Best operating conditions for improvement the lab scale system, D4.4 Report on the robustness of the process control). AUTH planned with DTU and IVEM to visit the WWTP

    Working on the Busines Plan

    In the last weeks, NORVENTO together with IVEM, AINIA and BIOTEHCPRO have been working on one of the last deliverables of the project, the Business Plan. In this deliverable, an in-depth analysis of the target market is being carried out. This includes the capital investment and analysis of the

    Working on ALEs

    After running Adaptive Laboratory Evolution experiments to improve the tolerance of Actinobacillus succinogenes and Basfia succiniproducens to high concentrations of sugars, newly isolated evolved strains were tested for their improved substrate tolerance. The screening of new evolved isolates from

    Maintenance and prep for the next Batch

    Temperature graphic from a previous batch NEOSUCCESS starts the year preparing its next batch (P5), for which they will make some minor adjustments in the sterilisation step in order to guarantee the success of our selected strain’s growth and fine-tune the process. Some of these adjustments are

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