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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Adapted strains are improving!

    After the preliminary experiments, DTU completed a series of Adaptation Laboratory Evolution (ALE) experiments to improve the robustness of the strains Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z and Basfia succiniciproducens. The ALE procedure significantly improved the tolerance of the evolved strains to

    Maintenance of the industrial unit!

    Hi, dear followers As you may already know the industrial unit was built and tested by the early 2022 and several batches have been run out since then. Along the year and the performed batches, IVEM had taken note of several minor details that would ease and optimise the operation of the unit.

    Work must go on!

    AINIA still works in the development of different areas of expertise in the ongoing NEOSUCCESS project, providing their technological and technical support with the same energy and discipline to successfully achieve NEOSUCCESS goals. The definition of the Business Model Plan is taking its first

    Progress on all sides!

    An ongoing effort to collect data from reactor operations for the development of an evaluated system to monitor all important parameters of the BioSuccinic Acid production process is underway by AUTH. In addition, a scientific publication is being prepared of the performed work in the previous

    Closing the 2nd year!

    NEOSUCCESS makes two years already! The consortium has closed the Project’s 2nd Reporting Period and is now preparing all the documentation and reports related to all that has been done during these 12 months…which has been a lot! NEOSUCCESS has managed to finish the design, installation and

    NEOSUCCESS consortium launches its second Press Release!

    As part of the D&C plan, the a new Press Release has been carefully prepared by NEOSUCCESS partners after this second year of project execution. The document is available in Spanish, Greek, Danish and English, according to the DoA. Here below you will find the English version, though you can

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