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    By Enrique L Mozos 8 meses ago
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     Demonstration session at the Industrial scale plant.

    During the past month, DTU, IVEM, NORVENTO and AUTH had the pleasure of hosting two online training and promotional seminars, in parallel with a demonstration session led by IVEM. In these training and promotional sessions, we discussed with several companies’ representatives about activities carried out in the NEOSUCCESS project, the main features and potential benefits of the NEOSUCCESS technology, and about several other technical and operational aspects of the technology.

    It was great to discuss with them and learn about what aspects of the NEOSUCCESS technology are more interesting to them. Thank you to all the participants!!

    Screenshot of the first seminar on biogas upgrading through the NEOSUCCESS technology.


    Screenshot of the second seminar on succinic acid production and purification.

    Assistants of the operation demonstration sessions.

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