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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Analysis of Bio-succinic acid production at lab-scale trials are ready!

    The NEOSUCCESS consortium works every day to obtain the best data on the production of biosuccinic acid. In this sense, the analysis of the broths obtained in the laboratory-scale trials at AINIA build part of the path towards implementation of the industrial unit. Image: Once the lab trials are

    Progress in lab trials

    Work at DTU’s labs is progressing! A couple of months ago, some samples of sugary wastewater from our supplier (candy factory) arrived to DTU’s facilities. We have successfully produced BioSuccinic Acid (BSA) from the sugary wastewater in the lab. Now our colleages, DTU and AUTH, are

    DSP assembly countdown

    On February 22nd, NORVENTO’s team organized a visit to Innoservis’ workshop (Spanish company collaborating in the DSP) where the assembly of the DSP Unit is taking place. Throughout the visit, IVEM and NORVENTO (together with some subcontracts, such as AINIA and Innoservis) had the

    System optimization carries on in our labs

    Trials are being carried out at a laboratory scale system to improve further the process performance, in terms of different controllable operating variables for the optimization analysis. Thus, ensuring the quality of the products, the elimination of issues at the source, the prevention of errors

    NEOSUCCESS consortium meets to organize 2022

    “Happy and thrilling new year! Let’s organize and get ready for 2022!” said the project’s consortium last month. NEOSUCCESS members had a meeting by mid-January to organize the upcoming challenges that the project will face this year. 2022 will be a period of a lot of action! Some lab tests

    AUTH and DTU work side by side on optimization

    Both DTU and AUTH have started the optimization tasks of the NEOSUCCESS process with the candy waste provided by Trolli. One of our colleagues, Antonios Lithourgidis, a Ph.D. student from AUTH, is currently working at DTU’s facilities, as shown in the pictures. Antonios is performing

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