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    DownStream is ready to work!

    By Enrique L Mozos 2 años ago
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    In the past months the Downstream Industrial sub-unit construction took place at the installer’s workshop.  After completing adjustment of unit’s different equipment and components, it was successfully placed in Paterna WWTP in March!

    In April, the installation was successfully completed, and several trials were conducted by using water and other liquid mixtures to test the different modules of the DSP. The spray dryer was eventually commissioned by using a mixture of bicarbonate and water, and the result was beyond expectations, recovering a very fine powder!

    Now the unit is ready to start the process and to dry the Biosuccinic Acid. In the next months the firsts trials with the real Upstream effluent will be done.

    Image: Result of DSP unit with a sample of water with bicarbonate

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