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    DSP assembly countdown

    By Enrique L Mozos 2 años ago
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    On February 22nd, NORVENTO’s team organized a visit to Innoservis’ workshop (Spanish company collaborating in the DSP) where the assembly of the DSP Unit is taking place.

    Throughout the visit, IVEM and NORVENTO (together with some subcontracts, such as AINIA and Innoservis) had the chance to exchange some views regarding the main challenges of developing the pilot. Some of these challenges are:

    · Acquiring the right equipment on time

    · Proposing improvements to the process to be validated during the start-up phase

    · Confirming how seamless operation of USP and DSP will take place by means of integrating both control units with a single SCADA

    Potentially, the data generated through each batch will be recorded under a single platform available to all Consortium members!

    Finally, a shorter visit to the NEOSUCCESS facilities inside Paterna’s WWTP took place, to validate the final location for the DSP unit, which is expected by the end of March 2022.

    Image: NORVENTO and IVEM next to the main fermenter in the NEOSUCCESS facilities

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     Enrique L Mozos

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