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    NEOSUCCESS consortium launches its first Press Release!

    By Juan Carlos Lopez 3 años ago
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    As part of the D&C plan, the first Press Release has been carefully prepared by NEOSUCCESS partners after the first year of project execution. The document is available in English, Spanish, Greek and Danish, according to the DoA. Here below you will find the English version, though you can check the rest in our Documents/Press Releases section ( Enjoy it!



    VALENCIA, May 2021

    The NEOSUCCESS project celebrates its first year of development. Facing the difficulties of a global health emergency, the project was able to successfully reach important milestones. Each step brings us closer to the start-up of the industrial unit and the expected results.

    Despite the obstacles and challenges that this year brought, the Consortium Members and Collaborators have shown full engagement with the project. Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, online meetings were held every two weeks among partners. Different measures applied in the EU States made it very difficult to run tests or check designs, but project members overcame all the obstacles making significant progress in the NEOSUCCESS project.

    The industrial unit is the core of the project. During this year, the unit was designed and is currently under construction. The conclusion of this task will represent a major milestone. The Project partners are eager to commission the plant and start running full-scale tests. The start-up of the plant is scheduled for the end of this year.

    Meanwhile, laboratory tests and optimizations were carried out both at upstreaming and downstreaming to i) adapt the design and the process parameters along with operation, and ii) evaluate the suitability of different sugar-rich waste streams to this biotechnological process.

    One of the waste streams belongs to the company Trolli. It offers a vast portfolio of sugar confectionery products, such as gums, marshmallows, and candies. Currently, Trolli manages their waste via the WWTP of IVEM in Valencia region. NEOSUCCESS project represents an excellent opportunity to prove that their waste can not only be transformed into energy but also into by-products such as 2nd generation Biosuccinic Acid.

    The downstream process team is working incessantly to optimize the biosuccinic acid purification design, based on the results of the fermentation broths resulting from the use of the aforementioned waste.

    NEOSUCCESS reached a wide audience thanks to project partners’ involvement in many dissemination activities. NEOSUCCESS was presented both nationally and internationally in important webinars and congresses such as PROBIOREFINE 2021.

    Social media and the official webpage were highly active in promoting the project during this first year of execution.

    Nonetheless, the second year of the project looks highly promising, and the best part of this journey is yet to come!


    NEOSUCCESS project aims to build the first plug-and-play industrial solution integrating complementarily two complex processes, which are biogas upgrading into biomethane and fermentation-based biosuccinic acid production, thus obtaining two bio-based valuable products for chemical and energy industries.

    About NEOSUCCESS Partners

    IVEM is a Spanish Wastewater Treatment Plant management firm. In the project, NEOSUCCESS, it plays the role of the Coordinator. The industrial unit will be installed at one of their facilities near Valencia.

    NORVENTO is a Spanish firm specialized in renewable energy sources. In the project NEOSUCCESS, NORVENTO oversees downstream process upscaling and gives support on industrial validation.

    DTU is a Danish University, owner of the patent (key know-how) and gives support on scaling up of the industrial unit.

    AUTH is a Greek University, who aids the project with the downstream processing prototype and upscaling at the industrial site.

    The project also counts with two subcontractors that are giving support and assistance in key areas:

    AINIA is a Spanish technological centre, which participates providing its technical assistance and analysis for the industrial unit implementation.

    BIOTECHPRO is a Danish firm that brings to the table support for the commercialisation strategy in Northern EU and advise in IPR management.


    For more information please contact:

    Telephone: +34 963 25 61 07        Email:

    “NEOSUCCESS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 950921”

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