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    Studying our context (Freedom to Operate and Market Analysis)

    By Enrique L Mozos 3 años ago
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    NeoSuccess is doing its homework regarding the analysis of the context. Freedom to Operate (FtO) and Market Analysis (MAn) are being elaborated for the project at the moment.

    With the help of our subcontractors (BiotechPRO for the FtO and MAn; and AINIA for the MAn), NEOSUCCESS has been and is working on these two key points that will help understand the context of the market and existing technologies and patents, so to organize and create a strategy for our products.

    As for the FtO, despite travel and meeting restrictions caused by the recent pandemic, our subcontractor, BiotechPRO, has helped to stablish guidance and advisory collaborating on-line with key stakeholders on a pan European basis and based on a research of multiple patent databases and reviewing more than 1.100 potential documents. As its CEO, David Joelsen, says: “with just a bit of extra effort the project reached its targets and finalized the FtO research despite the limitations and restrictions”.

    As for the MAn, both, AINIA and BiotechPRO, are working hard on finalizing the report and will soon, together with the consortium, have set the bases of the market analysis for the next steps, such as the Business Plan.

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