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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Meeting of the Project partners

    On May 11, all project partners met at the WWTP in Paterna, Valencia, where the Neosuccess industrial unit is located. Videos were recorded during their visit for the Training Activities that will be launched soon. Stay tuned for more information! Taking advantage of the presence of all the

    Carrying out purification of Succinic

    These last weeks, IVEM has been carrying out some batches for the DownStream process, trying out its performance in the purification of a broth containing succinic acid. The aim is to eliminate all impurities from a broth containing succinic acid, as well as other compounds, such as formic, sugar

    Inoculum supply

    Figure 1. Initial steps for Inoculum preparation AINIA provides inoculum for its posterior use in the industrial unit and the production of succinic acid. The optimization of the inoculum preparation process has been done to obtain an inoculum with succinic acid production capacity, with high

    Industrial unit visit and support

    AUTH and DTU visited the pilot industrial unit at the WWTP facilities, in Paterna – Spain and scientific support was provided for the execution of a fermentation batch in collaboration with IVEM. The NEOSUCCESS team performed extensive investigation to overcome technical challenges and provide

    Working on the new video!

    Our NEOSUCCESS team is currently working on a new technology broadcast video. This corporate video involves several phases of work in order to present a good final result. So far, the filming team has gone to the Paterna depuration plant, where our pilot is located, to record some equipment shots

    ALEs finished

    As mentioned in previous posts, Adaptive Laboratory Evolution was used to generate superior strains of Actinobacillus succinogenes and Basfia succiniproducens in terms of tolerance to high sugar concentration. In the past months, we isolated over 80 evolved ALE strains. Now, the screening of the

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