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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Alternative strains adaptation

    DTU team is working on the microbial adaptation of the strains Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z and Basfia succiniciproducens (by evolutionary adaptation procedure) to IVEM´s sugar-rich side streams. This will allow having more robust and resilient strains and, hence, a better performance on the

    DownStream is ready to work!

    In the past months the Downstream Industrial sub-unit construction took place at the installer’s workshop.  After completing adjustment of unit’s different equipment and components, it was successfully placed in Paterna WWTP in March! In April, the installation was successfully completed, and

    Work on deliverables continues

    Having completed D5.2 (Freedom to Operate) Report in September 2021, BiotechPro – Danish subcontractor to the NEOSUCCESS Consortium conducting an EU Horizon 2020 project, has together with AINIA(Spanish subcontractor) completed an initial Market Analysis and issued the D5.3 (Market Analysis)

    Optimisation tests now on a bigger scale

    Now that the construction of the industrial unit is finished and almost ready to GO in Paterna’s WWTP (Spain), in Denmark (2.500 km away) AUTH and DTU are working in parallel to provide support regarding the operation. Tests are now being carried out on a bigger scale for our Task 4.3

    NEOSUCCESS meets up to organise the real deal!

    Construction of the unit is finished! What does this mean? It means this is it!… It is imminent!… The real deal is about to start, the operation of the industrial unit is practically ready! This will require a lot of coordination and cooperation from NEOSUCCESS members, that is why the

    Analysis of Bio-succinic acid production at lab-scale trials are ready!

    The NEOSUCCESS consortium works every day to obtain the best data on the production of biosuccinic acid. In this sense, the analysis of the broths obtained in the laboratory-scale trials at AINIA build part of the path towards implementation of the industrial unit. Image: Once the lab trials are

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