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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Assessment and future planning

    Almost at the end of 2022, the work progress performed throughout the year is being evaluated and an effort is made to plan the next steps. The goal is to fulfil every aspect of the project’s demands in the upcoming months. For the successful implementation of the work ahead, effective

    Maintenance of the DSP unit

    The week of November 14th, the NORVENTO team went to Valencia to operate the Down Stream Process (DSP) unit of the Neosuccess project. The DSP purifies the succinic acid obtained in the Up Stream Process (USP) by removing residual sugars and other unwanted components. During the visit, the NORVENTO

    New strains are coming!

    The Adaptative Laboratory Evolution (ALE) experiments for improving the fitness of Actinobacillus succinogenes and Basfia succiniciproducens were successfully completed. This procedure generated multiple mixed populations of evolved strains derived from two wild-type strains, which led to the

    NEOSUCCESS in AINIA’s 3rd Biorefinery Event

    One of our NEOSUCCESS colleagues has participated in a biotechnology dissemination event celebrated yesterday in Valencia. The event was organized by AINIA (a NEOSUCCESS subcontractor) and gathered multiple companies and experts from the biorefinery field. IVEM was invited to participate with a

    Business plan assistance

    Lars Ellegaard (owner) and David Joelsen (CEO) here for BiotechPRO Aps, a subcontractor to the NEOSUCCESS project that provides advisory services in the subjects of bioenergy and succinic acid, IPR strategies and, business exploitation. Latest task is the upcoming Business Plan, combining the

    Future planning and support

    AUTH and DTU meet once again (this time in person) regarding Tasks and needs of the project. Discussions about the successful implementation of the work, timeline and challenges for the common Tasks (i.e., collecting data and development of an evaluation system, verification of the critical control

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