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    Analysing the process and the unit

    By Enrique L Mozos 1 año ago
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    Last week IVEM, together with DTU and AUTH, operated the 6th batch in the industrial unit, paying attention to every detail and analysing all aspects of the process and the unit.

    Our colleagues, Antonio from DTU and Antonios from AUTH, travelled to Spain for the whole week in order to visit the facilities and assist on the 6th batch of the unit.

    The NEOSUCCESS team was able to point out new details that can lead to a better performance of the process, more safety in the operation or improvement in the results. Furthermore, our colleagues could as well work on other tasks from the project, such as dissemination and communication.

    Antonis (AUTH) recording an interview about NEOSUCCESS

    Samples were taken and have been sent to Denmark, thus soon the results from the HPLC will come out, giving a better undestanding of the broth obtained in the batch.

    Antonio (DTU) visually analysing a sample from the batch

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