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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Towards the maximum CO2 bioconversion along upstreaming

    NEOSUCCESS consortium is aware of the technology significance along biogas upgrading market and aims at obtaining the best CO2 removals. In this regard, strategies to maximize CO2 solubilization and consumption by A. succinogenes are currently being optimized at lab-scale at AINIA, prior

    The pieces are already here!

      Good news! We already have the pieces for the up-stream installation! The WWTP of Paterna is getting ready for producing BioMethane and BioSuccinic Acid. We are one step closer to our goal. The components and equipments for the up-stream installation have been already placed. The next steps

    Bio-succinic acid downstreaming moves forward!

    AINIA team keeps working on defining the concentration and purification steps of bio-succinic acid in the most efficient way within the frame of NEOSUCCESS. Pictures show the changes on two different broths after passing through the different DSP steps to reach the target bioproduct. From left to

    NEOSUCCESS consortium launches its first Press Release!

    As part of the D&C plan, the first Press Release has been carefully prepared by NEOSUCCESS partners after the first year of project execution. The document is available in English, Spanish, Greek and Danish, according to the DoA. Here below you will find the English version, though you can

    Evolved strains towards 3rd generation biorefineries

    Aligned with NEOSUCCESS objectives, DTU team has started the characterization of the evolved strains obtained from Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z. Can’t wait to know more about

    Paying attention to data analysis is a must in NEOSUCCESS

    AUTH team is preparing for the upcoming Task 4.3 regarding real conditions data analysis and improvement of the system efficiency. AUTH is currently designing database forms for increased data entry efficiency. So exciting!

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