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    News and events related to Neosuccess project.

    Downstreaming process for bioSA on-going!

    AINIA is currently working on the definition and assessment of the targeted market for the NEOSUCCESS product and selecting the best tools to successfully achieve our goals in this current European Project. This is being carried out together with BIOTECHPRO and NORVENTO. Concurrently, lab &

    Microbial adaptation of A. succinogenes has just started!

    DTU team has started the microbial adaptation of the strain Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z –by evolutionary adaptation procedure -to the IVEM´s sugar-rich side streams, which will allow having a more robust and resilient strain. Looking forward to seeing it under

    NEOSUCCESS at the workshop on Enhanced Biogas Production & Recent Innovations

    By the end of March, Dr. Irini Angelidaki (DTU) presented NEOSUCCESS project and technology in the international workshop on Enhanced Biogas Production & Recent Innovations, by Ege University (Turkey). Despite COVID-19 pandemic, meetings with biogas partners and companies never stop! A lot of

    NEOSUCCESS presented to the Bioeconomy Comission of BIOVAL

    The last meeting of the Bioeconomy Comission of BIOVAL (Bio Cluster of the Valencian Region) took place last week, on the 30th of March. In this case, Andrés Pascual (AINIA) gave an overview of the NEOSUCCESS project, which represents one of the most pioneering european projects within Valencian

    Towards the cost-efectiveness of NEOSUCCESS!

    AUTH is currently working on the creation of a protocol that will define how the required datasets will be collected, structured and stored for improving the operation at lab scale system. A preliminary study and data collection for the strategy, technology and cost analysis of the biosuccinic acid

    Downstream process design

    Norvento Team as a leader of Neosuccess Downstream Process (DSP) is working in the design of the process. After receiving first fermentation trials at lab-scale results of upgrading process, technical meetings are taking place to prepare the final design of DSP unit. Simultaneously, Ainia team is

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